Chris Pye's Newsletter Archive

Since October 2006, Chris Pye Woodcarving website newletters appear in 'html' format - ie. with colour, pictures and active links.

The links below open the newsletter itself. Choose 'file' then 'save as' from the top menu bar of the browser and you can save it to your desktop as a web page.

Previous newsletters are a simple text document:

The links open a window on a text file (.txt) - the original emailed newsletter.
However, because it will be read by your browser, there is no 'word-wrap' function. It's best, therefore, to save the file and read, or print it offline:

To keep:

  1. Right Click on the link
  2. 'Save Target As' to your desktop (or whatever)
  3. Open text file in, say, Notepad.