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1-on-1 Instruction

Personal Woodcarving Instruction

Because of Covid-19, direct, at the bench instruction is no longer tenable and probably won't be until the beginning of 2022. 

However, with my subscribers to my e-learning website: Woodcarving, I use WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype for 1-to-1, video-based personal tuition.

Woodcarving Workshops, with around 900 individual videos, is the closest thing you can get to sharing a bench with me, and some say it's even better than the real thing: it cuts to the chase, you can get me to repeat the lesson over and over, and I'm there 24/7.The downside is that you don't get a cup of tea!

You will need to subscribe but you can email me here first: to check I can help you. Be sure to give me a good idea of where you are as a carver and your issues. That will open a discussion.

Chris Pye